Born in Windsor, raised in Michigan, Illinois and DC, Josh made himself at home in Stoney creek and has thoroughly enjoyed coming to understand the ins and outs of the neighbourhoods in our area. As a DePaul University (Chicago) graduate, with a background in Transportation Management, Sales Intelligence, Marketing & Sales Automation and CRM solutions, Josh is a perfect fit for the real estate industry.

Josh’s friendly and personable demeanor puts Team Logue clients at ease as he partners with them in the sale of their home. His clients benefit from his unique skillset and insights, as well as his vast and growing knowledge of the Idiosyncrasies of the real estate industry. He’s a thorough realtor who is willing to put in the hard work that the sale and purchase of your property deserves.

Josh is always up for a round of golf! He looks forward to getting to know you and assisting with the sale of your home…FORE!